Our company supplies the necessary materials and equipment for ships, as well as for electric power facilities.
In the context of the imposition of sanctions, we provide a worthy import substitution of items that are temporarily unavailable in our country, and guarantee the delivery of all materials and equipment on time. Thanks to a well-established supply chain, all construction and installation work at your facility will be completed on time and without delay.

Complete set of objects:

— supply of cable products for energy industry facilities;
— providing the necessary materials and equipment for large facilities in the energy sector, oil production and oil        refining industries;
— complete set of civil ships and warships within the framework of the state defense order.

We supply the following types of products to construction sites:

— cable support systems;
— cable sleeves;
– electrical and switchboard equipment;
— lighting equipment; — supports and fittings for power lines;
— power, signal and low-current cables for ship wiring.
We carefully select suppliers and work only with trusted manufacturers.
All products have the necessary certificates and licenses, meet the requirements and standards of fire safety and fire resistance.
We conduct strict quality control at the stages of shipment and acceptance of products and guarantee the high quality and reliability of each item.


If you have any questions or suggestions for cooperation, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible