We offer services for the implementation of design work of any complexity in shipbuilding. We are ready to complete the ship project in full or participate in the design as co-executors, as well as to carry out the modernization and re-equipment of the project.
We carry out all stages of the life cycle of design documentation:
TP, PDSP, Draft design, 3D model, RCD, PM, ED, PSD, technical support, modernization documentation, CBT, repair documentation, coordination with the Customer, RMRS, KB, research institute and other coordinating organizations on topics:

General project documentation:

— the load of the masses and the position of the center of gravity; — the speed and elements of the propulsion; — unsinkability and emergency stability;
— theoretical drawing and curves of the elements of the theoretical drawing;
— general location; — corrosion protection;
— diagrams of watertight compartments and calibration tables;
— drawings on safety and environmental protection (Fire plan, DAMAGE CONTROL PLAN, ship’s plan of emergency measures to combat oil pollution, ship’s plan of operations with garbage, ballast water management plan).

• Housing:
— body strength; — definition of set elements; — structural drawings; — drawings of foundations;
— drawings of sections;
— plazovo-technological documentation.

• Power plant (EU), EU systems: — EU, wind turbine, gearboxes, shaft lines and deadwood seals; — boilers and heat exchange equipment; — gas inlet and gas outlet systems;
— main and auxiliary steam systems;
— heating systems (steam, oil, propylene glycol); — compressed air and gas systems, purging; — desalination plant and desalination system;
— fuel, oil, condensate-feed systems, cooling, stripping, etc.;
— systems that serve AEU and others;

• General court systems: — bilge systems: drainage, ballast, roll, trim, drainage, collection and purification of oily waters;
— fire extinguishing systems: water, gas, high pressure, fine-sprayed water, sprinkler, foam, irrigation, etc.;
— household systems: sewage (gravity and vacuum), domestic water supply, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.;
— refrigeration and refrigerant systems; — hydraulic systems and others;

• Special systems:

— breathing gas systems for diving vessels and coastal diving complexes;
— fishing vessel systems;
— rescue vessel systems;
— systems of bulk and bulk vessels, barges;
— ventilation systems of special premises and others;

• Deck mechanisms and devices: — steering and thrusting; — cargo (deck and under deck), closures; — anchor, mooring, towing;
— boat and rescue;
— masthead and others.

• Electrics and automation:
— Local and trunk cable routes;
— Electrical circuit diagrams;
— DU routes;
— Route diagrams;
— Performing calculations of: short-circuit currents; power plant capacity; illumination; lightning protection; cathodic protection; radio communication range, etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions for cooperation, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible