Project EFF07

Transfer (launching) floating dock


Dock type:​​
— transfer (trigger),
— metal,
— non-self-propelled,
— double tower
— monolithic,
— Autonomous (on power supply).

5.2 Class Purpose of the vessel:​
-launching of ships and vessels;
— lifting ships and vessels from the water and transferring them to slipways;
— ensuring dock repair of ships and vessels.

Special conditions in areas of operation: Water temperature from 0°C to +30°C.
Air temperature from -25°C to +34°C. Humidity 85%

class symbol (RS) KE R3 Aut2 Floating Dock Berth Connected Ship.


The overall length of the floating dock is 140 m. The overall width of the dock is 41 m. The width of the slipway-deck of the floating dock is 30 m. Load capacity​​​​​​​ 10000 t.


Portal cargo cranes 18 m / 10t.
Mooring capstans 80 kN 8 pieces.
Mooring winches 150 kN 4 pieces.