Project EFF04

Passenger ship 25 m long


Vessel type:
passenger ship

Purpose of the vessel:
Transportation of passengers by sea waterways with a maximum distance of 50 miles from the place of refuge with the possibility of swimming in small broken open ice up to 0.7 m thick.

Vessel navigation area:
Unrestricted, in accordance with the category of ice reinforcement indicated in the ship’s class symbol

Number of passengers:
50 people

Special conditions in the areas of operation:
Water temperature from 0°C to +30°C. Air temperature from -25°C to +34°C. Humidity 85%

Cruising range of at least 300 miles

CM class symbol КМ pastedGraphic.png КМ lce З [1] R3-RSN




Overall length 25.20 m
Length according to design waterline 22.94 m
Width 6.90 m
Estimated draft to the main line 1.42 m
Number of decks 3
spacing size 0.50 m


Displacement total 83 t
Deadweight 13.5 t
Fuel (MGO) 4.7 t
Fresh water 1.5
Crew 3 people.
Cargo on deck 2 t
Autonomy 3 days.


Scheme of the power plant 2 GD + 2 VDG + ADG
Main engine 2 x 280 kW
Auxiliary diesel generator 2 x 50 kW
Emergency diesel generator 250 kW
PRSh Ø 1.0 m
Maximum speed 10 knots


— Low cost of construction up to 500 million rubles;
— Passenger capacity 50 people;
— Ice class ICE 3;
— The project is equipped with available equipment;
— Disembarkation of passengers on an unequipped shore.